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Walking Tours of Paris

We have included the self-guided tours on each . Additionally, we review and compare many of the other paid sightseeing options that are available in the City of Lights including walking tours, bike tours, bus and even boat tours. Let us take you on a walk through the history-rich Paris. Our guides will take you on a journey – it’s fun, it’s direct, and it’s filled with history, art, and architecture.There are so many walking tours to choose from, it can be very difficult to decide which tours are best. You have pay-what-you-like options, which are great for the budget minded, and some of them are really highly rated as well. There are many well reviewed paid tours, which tend to have smaller group sizes. We have put together guides to walking tours by neighborhood and theme. Some of these posts include bike tours and food tours as well. Within each post, we have included a self-guided tour, so that you can walk the areas on your own or get to know what you might see on a guided tour.